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Galaxy Stars | Mini-Illustration Series
Based on some characters I designed in my early years as an artist.
Watercolor on bristol.

Coffee Cat | Comic Series
Couple of new episodes for Coffee Cat in Inkbyte Studios' Tapastic Channel  

Let's Go (Vamonos pt. 2) | Sempai and Catgirl have arrived in the moon, but their adventure has only begun. Dedicated to my real sempai, without him I wouldn't be inspired everyday.

Le Chat Noir | Catgirl loses her favorite pair of stripped socks and its up to detective Sempai to come to the rescue.

Cold As ice | Catgirl & friends go up the mountain to find some pinecones for decorations, but Sempai thinks that "it" is that cold...

Snuggle Up! | Catgirl and Sempai decided to go snowflake catching.... but ended rolling down hill, and catching each other.

Illustrations | Society 6

I made several new illustrations for Inkbyte Studios, you can check them out at our Society 6.
Two ( I'm not perky & Twinkle, twinkle bat..) illustrations were done in watercolor and ink. 

Coffee Cat | Comic Series

Couple of new episodes for Coffee Cat in Inkbyte Studios' Tapastic Channel
A Bold Bluff | Catgirl & friends decide to play a "deadly" game of poker in honor of Movember.
Just as they all sport fabulous mustachios to help their poker faces.
Poking fun on the C. M. Coolidge's Dog Playing Poker painting series.

Let's Go pt. 2 | Sempai and Catgirl have a arrived to the moon, but their adventure has only begun. 
(Featuring: Cats on Mars by Yoko Kanno)

Billy Jealousy's Marked IV Life | Tattoo Care Kit

I designed the illustrations that are on the labels of the tottles as well as the entire illustrative pieces that accentuate the box.
It was a fun project to do for Billy Jealousy, you can check out the entire project here in my behance.
As well as checking out the finalized product here.

Dia de los Muertos | Figurines | Art Toys

We ( Inkbyte Studios ) created these figurines in honor of the "Day of the Dead".
You can see the entire project here. The figurines were created with air-dry clay & handpainted with love.

Ink O'lantern | Halloween short

We made this made this video promoting our studio by carving a pumpkin with our logo.
You can click on the image to see the video or visit our behance for the entire project.

Coffee Cat | Halloween episodes

Only in Inkbyte Studios' Tapastic Channel
Catplay | is an episode where catgirl doesn't know what might be a good halloween costume.
(Featuring:  Dr. Slump Arale Chan's intro song Wai Wai World by Ado Mizumori & Koorigi)
Cat O'lantern | Squirrel-gal & Usagi-chan, both sisters to our main character Catgirl; where they are pumpkin carving when suddenly
something happens... (Featuring: Mystery Incorporated's The End song by Matthew Sweet) 
Part of our Halloween celebration Inkbyte Studios----!


I was working on a new illustration based on an old sketch. I did a pencil sketch, acetate ink line art and digital coloring to finish it. 



Dallas Museum of Art & Crow Collection of Asian Art

Every third friday of a month, DMA Late Nights happens.
The Museum stays opens until 12:00pm and they have special exhibitions including
Crow Collection of Asian Art's CHINA.PORSCHE & Ai Weiwei Circle of Animals/
Zodiac Heads: Gold.
It was an awesome exhibit that included sake tasting,
japanese fashion show, and other activities such as origami crafts.
Here are some links:
Crow Collection of Asian Art
Dallas Museum of Art
Ai Weiwei Circle of Animals Zodiac Heads


Process | 


A peek into my illustrative process and theory.
for example images on top (from left to right):
1st | line art and inking process.
2nd | Scanned line art 
3rd | Color pallet
4rd | Background (Colors & Hierarchy)
5th | Shadows and tinting

Inkbyte Studios | Animation and Graphic design studio

I am illustrator & graphic designer with a background in printmaking that enjoys watching
and storyboarding for Inkbyte Studios: We are a studio dedicated to bringing animations, comics and art around the world and back!----
All animations are posted on our newgrounds, tumblr, and facebook accounts (click on the "please stand by" banner).

Coffee Cat

I am currently working in a comic mini-series about a catgirl and her four friends at live in a whimsical world.
Here is a preview of the first installment that I will be present in tapstastic & Inkbyte Studios' fan page in facebook.
 You can check out the first installment of the series here:


 Views of UTEP


This year, I had the opportunity of meeting one of the most influential person in The University of Texas at El Paso, Dr. Diana Natalicio. She chose my illustration for the contest "2013 Views of UTEP",  that is held each spring semester. The contest purpose is to exhibit the talent of Prof. Albert Wong's Illustration class, and to create an image that reflects UTEP's campus and its heritage onto the El Pasoan community.


Academic Technologies Summit 2013

I had the opportunity to design a campaign for the "2nd Annual Academic Technologies Summit" for Academic Technologies at the The University of Texas at El Paso formally known as
Instructional Support Services. Here is the website I designed for ATS: http://at.utep.edu/ats/

Here is the facebook page for Academic Technologies:

This a promo-video that Ramon Cardona and I created for the screens that are located in the first and second floor of the Undergraduate Learning Center at The University of Texas at El Paso.


Chalk the Block 2013

I was recently featured in this article at Academic Technologies' Inside AT blog.
Depicting my participation in Chalk the Block 2013, an ephemeral arts and crafts festival where the El Paso
Community gets together for three days during October to create art!

"Chalk the Block is a festival that celebrates the talent of El Paso artists and non-artists alike by offering them the opportunity to exhibit their skills in various ways. People are encouraged to participate as a “chalk artists” at the San Jacinto plaza or by hosting one of the numerous galleries scattered throughout the event area. Museums and Cultural Affairs Department opens up space in old buildings which are turned into pop-up galleries for the three days of the event. Even though the name does not explicitly relate to fine art, the event has been embraced by the local art community as a mean to appreciate various different art pieces that are only exhibited temporarily, but receive city-wide attention from El Pasoans.

This past October, one of our talented student-staff designers, Pauline Mateos, got the chance to participate in a gallery and exhibit some of her work at “Gallery 209” gallery during the annual “Chalk the Block” event.  Pauline is also graduating this semester, and AT will truly miss her inspiring designs and work!"        

-Steve Varela, Associate Director | Academic Technologies.

Photograph by Adrian Meza.